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A Splinter of Ice

2013 – Amazon Kindle – ebook


Graham Lord has written a dozen short stories as well as nine novels, seven biographies, two autobiographies, and an anthology of essays, book reviews, travel articles and journalism.

A SPLINTER OF ICE is a collection of his seven best stories.

The title story tells of two brothers and a sister who have to decide between them how much of their father’s estate they should each inherit, The Alsatian describes a man’s absolute terror of dogs, The Poltergeist a nightmarish haunting, A Child is Born at the Inn three horrifying days at an Austrian guesthouse in 1889, Death by Burning the ingenious way that a wife plans to murder her husband, A Marriage Made in Heavener another wife’s determined attempt to leave her husband, and Family Planning a rich, elderly widow’s cunning scheme to marry her nasty daughter’s young lover.

Each story is darkened by shadows, sometimes sinister, and each ends with a twist in the tail.