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The Alsatian 1963
1964 - Granta Magazine, Cambridge
Horror engulfs a man who is terrified of dogs.

Splinter of Ice 1971
1972 - Argosy Magazine
1972 - Brigitte Magazine, in German
1973 - Hutchinson - Triangles anthology, edited by Alex Hamilton

Two brothers and their sister attend the reading of their father’s will.

The Poltergeist 1976
1977 - Barrie and Jenkins - The Thirteenth Ghost Book,
           edited by James Hale
1978 - Pan - The Second Bumper Book of Ghost Stories,
           edited by Polly Parkin and James Hale

A husband relishes the death of the wife he hated – until he learns the terrible truth.

Death by Burning 1980
1980 - Constable - The Mystery Guild Anthology, edited by John Waite
A 71-year-old woman commits the perfect murder when her cat kills her husband.

A Child is Born at the Inn 1980
1980 - Hutchinson - The After Midnight Ghost Book, edited by James Hale
1981 - Franklin Watts - The After Midnight Ghost Book (US), edited by James Hale
1981 - Pan - The Fourth Bumper Book of Ghost Stories, edited by James Hale

A Jew travelling from Germany into Austria in April 1889 stops for a couple of nights at the Gasthof zum Pommer guesthouse in the little Austrian border town of Braunau-am-Inn. The next day, Easter Saturday, a baby is born in the room above his. But the inn seems sinister and haunted, the narrator has terrible dreams, and when he saves the day-old infant from choking to death the consequences of his action are truly horrific.