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Juliet Lewis
Under a Hammock Moon

2012 – Fern Hill Books - paperback
2012 – Amazon Kindle – ebook

To sample 45 pages of the ebook go to Under a Hammock Moon

Amazon Reviews

“I really enjoyed this book. Laughed my head off. Really hits home with life on the island. Loved the scene at the govt office ...” – Tracy.

“A book with a comfortable fast pace and very funny throughout. An easy read and highly recommended. The Caribbean was merely on my list for a holiday, but now has moved to first place!!” – GAN.

“A rollicking tale. Those who have enjoyed Herman Wouk's Don't Stop the Carnival are in for a splendid follow up in this hilarious new tale of adventure and mayhem in a modern, small Caribbean Island. Graham Lord has captured the island spice and laid-back pace to a tee. His characters jump off the page with all their weight and intrigue or lurk menacingly in the shadows. It's a 'can't put down' read that will have you in stitches one minute and bring tears to your eyes the next. It's essential holiday reading and a must for those who already know or hope to get to know the islands” – Desmond Fosbery, St Kitts, West Indies.

“A glorious Caribbean yarn. As a frequent visitor to the Caribbean I can attest to the accurate setting of this ripping yarn. With a mixture of humour, intrigue, sex, and drama, this book has it all. A very easy read, and you will learn to speak both West Indian and Australian along the way” – Ed Nealon, Perth, Western Australia.

“Enter into the laid-back Caribbean life, beautiful beaches, gorgeous vegetation, Carib beer and rum sundowners. At one level it is a glorious romp through expatriate high life, at another it is a fun thriller for deckchair reading. However, more than that it is a hugely affectionate tribute to the islanders themselves and the challenges of everyday life and politics under the hot tropical sun. Oh, and you'll love the gardener! Enjoy.” – Stellata, Canada

Nearly fifty years ago Herman Wouk wrote an hilarious novel about a Caribbean island,
Don’t Stop the Carnival, that has become a classic. Now Graham Lord, author of nine novels, who lives on the Caribbean island of Nevis, has written another, in which a hapless British tax inspector whose wife has run off with another woman, is sent in secret to the tiny paradise island of Innocent to investigate rich British tax dodgers.   

But he is soon seduced by the island’s glorious scenery and weather, its idyllic rhythm, laidback lifestyle, gentle people, and a beautiful local girl, Shermelle, who captures his heart but suddenly disappears without trace or explanation.   

The result is a funny, gripping story of love, lust, adventure and mystery in the tropical sun with a cast of memorable characters: the mountainous black housekeeper, Miz Quaintance; the Shakespearean gardener, Grandad; the corrupt Deputy Prime Minister, Chezroy Billington; the wisecracking Australian beach bar owner, Boozy Suzy; a couple of sinister Slavs; and the foul-mouthed parrot, Mother Teresa.

Under a Hammock Moon is a hugely enjoyable, highly readable novel where nothing is quite what it seems and rich with the warmth, humour, colours, sounds, smells and joie-de-vivre of the West Indies. It has all the potential to become another Caribbean classic.