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John Dove
Dennis Rolfe
Editions Gallimard
Carlo Jacono
Marshmallow Pie


1970 - Macmillan - UK hardback
1970 - Coward-McCann - US hardback
1970 - Gallimard - French paperback "Le diable à Trois" translated by M.Charvet
1971 - Panther - UK paperback
1971 - Mondadori - Italian paperback "Una sostanza 'spiechedelica'"
           translated by Laura Grimaldi
1971 - Cedibra - Brazilian Portuguese paperback "ZQ5, A fórmula da morte"
           translated by Elza Veiga

“Vitality is great, imagination unflagging, enjoyment constant” – Times Literary Supplement

“Told with great vividness and zest” – Violet Grant, Daily Telegraph

“One detects a novelist at work...swift, deft strokes...It is very funny too” – Richard Barkley, Sunday Express

Graham Lord’s first novel, a tongue-in-cheek spoof thriller which came second in a Panther/Macmillan First Crime Novel competition in 1969 as runner-up to Peter Lovesey’s novel
Wobble to Death, the first of Lovesey’s many highly-praised crime novels. In Marshmallow Pie – a title taken from the Beatles’ song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds – a young English reporter investigates a murderous underground war in London between two gangs of black and white Rhodesian exiles who are racing to find a magical new drug, and to do so he has to infiltrate London's Swinging Sixties sub-culture of hippies, drugs and Flower Power.