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Rod Lord
A Roof Under Your Feet


1973 - Macdonald - UK hardback

“Plenty of laughter...with an assorted and hilarious collection of humanity” – Peter Grosvenor, Daily Express

“Often very funny” – Nina Bawden, Daily Telegraph

“Infectious descriptive power” – Richard Barkley, Sunday Express

A social comedy describing how the arrival at a London rooming house of a new tenant, a mysterious young man, affects and disrupts the lives of all the other inhabitants of the house. Among them are Godfrey Makepeace Thackeray, a failed author; old Mrs Prendergast, who sits at her window on the second floor watching and waiting for someone or something; Errol Flynn Taylor, fantasizer and fingerer of the Playmate of the Month; sweet Georgia; Owen the fake Welshman. And down in the basement there’s Jawaharlal MacGregor (half Indian, half Scots) and his two wives (one brown, one black) and his five children and 25-inch TV set.