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The Spider and the Fly


1974 - Hamish Hamilton - UK hardback
1975 - The Viking Press - US hardback
1975 - Avon - US paperback
1977 - Sphere Books - UK paperback
1977 - Cedibra - Brazilian Portuguese paperback "Dossiê Moçambique" translated by Bella Vaitsman

“I read it in one sitting and enjoyed it immensely. Graham Lord has a strong narrative drive; there is a marvellous momentum to his prose, and his story is smashing” – William Manchester

“If you think you have read enough love stories, read this one and see how wrong you were” – Rex Stout

“Slick, witty...the sheer flourish and veneer of Mr Lord's writing is indeed impressive...a sparkling piece of fiction” – Derek Stanford, The Scotsman

“Crackerjack entertainment” – Boston Globe

“Sophisticated...A very nice job of writing indeed” – Edmund Crispin, Sunday Times

“Best buy for sheer entertainment...racy, professional, fast-moving...The Spider and the Fly has more wit and feeling than the average thriller, and more thrills than the average straight novel. Highly recommended” – Victoria Glendinning, Irish Times

“A fast, lean story with deft touches of ambiguity. Fine reading” – Fletcher Knebel

A political thriller and love story in which the career of a young, ambitious, arrogant, British politician is threatened by his love affair with a beautiful but determined and sinister young American feminist journalist. Who is she? Who is the spider, who the fly? Set in Britain and the steamy, suspicious atmosphere of Mozambique,
The Spider and the Fly is “a marvellously exciting, often very funny novel,” said its publisher. “It contains all the attributes of a fast-paced thriller, besides stripping away with sharp delicacy the outer layers of British public life.” The book was entered for Britain's premier literary award in 1974, the Booker Prize.