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Craig Dodd
Abner Graboff
God and All his Angels


1976 - Hamish Hamilton - UK hardback
1977 - The Viking Press - US hardback
1977 - Reinaert Uitgaven - Dutch hardback "De Zwarte Aarts-Engelen" translated by Joh Peels

“This book romps along, part satire, part thriller, told with skill and beguiling good humour. It is funny and frightening and the ending is quite unexpected. Entertainment, in fact, of the very best kind” – Nina Bawden, Daily Telegraph

“Mounting tension and horrific climax” – Martin Seymour-Smith

A political thriller in which a group of right-wing British patriots, God’s Angels, one of them called Maxwell, take brutal revenge on those whom they believe have undermined the power, influence and soul of Britain in the doldrum years after the Second World War. “Against the background of an England crippled by strikes and dissension, with the Government desperately concentrating on the pagentry and panoply of a seemingly endless Festival in the hope that tourism is the answer to all ills, Maxwell stumbles towards his own sweet vengeance,” wrote the publisher. “In the process he discovers that God is the Old Testament variety, God the slayer, God the merciless. Graham Lord... has created a world of very special terror, where nothing is quite what it seems; and, in Maxwell, a character of, and for, his time.
God and All His Angels is a stunning exercise in imagination and horror.”