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Terry Pastor
The Nostradamus Horoscope


1981 - Hutchinson - UK hardback

“A wild, exciting tale with reflective passages that ring reverberatingly true” – H.R.F.Keating, The Times

“Brewed with style and a richly foetid imagination” – Christopher Wordsworth, The Observer

A political thriller set in Africa, Britain and Albania in which the tyrannical leader of a newly-independent black African nation believes that he and the book's British narrator have both been foretold in an ancient prediction by the medieval French astrologer and prophet Nostradamus and tries to make the prophecy come true with horrifying results. “This is an hallucinatory narrative with a stunning and reverberant denouement,” said the publisher. “An intimate universe of troubled relationships and worldly disillusionment is combined with superstition, astrological prophecy and blood ritual to produce an enthralling and absolutely original adventure thriller.”