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Graham Rawle
Simon Fell
Time Out of Mind


1986 - Hamish Hamilton - UK hardback
1988 - Grafton Books - UK paperback

“A great story that carries you breathlessly through space and time...I loved everything about this book. It sparkles and pulses with life” – Monica Dickens

“What a hell of a good idea!...Food for thought and a very good read” – Hammond Innes

“It can be read with enormous pleasure simply for the jokes, adventures and sexy bits...An intelligent and unusual book” – Auberon Waugh, Daily Mail

“In clear prose and clever pastiche – passages of imitation Pepys, chapters of Raymond Chandler's laid-back wit, even some audacious Shakespeare – Graham Lord turns history on its head and the continents upside down. It's a formidably intelligent comedy with a fine finish” – David Hughes, Mail on Sunday

A novel about time-reversal that combines adventure story, thriller, metaphysics and literary pastiche in the tale of a bored, disillusioned, middle-aged, late 20th Century man who decides to fake his own death and embark on a more rewarding new life. But in the process something has entered his soul and he finds himself travelling not only into the past but also into his own and some unknown stranger’s past in a pilgrimage backwards through life, history and literature in which each chapter is written in the style of an earlier century. His journey mirrors the different stages in the lives of men and nations, teaching him to understand his own mistakes and ultimately to make peace with the world and himself. “Time Out of Mind is a wholly original novel...a work conceived on a grand scale. Exuberant, witty and affecting, it is a remarkable achievement,” said the publisher, who entered it for Britain’s premier literary award, the Booker Prize, in 1986.