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Charlotte Wess
A Party to Die For


1997 - Little, Brown & Co - UK hardback
1997 - Warner Books - UK paperback, first edition
1998 - Warner Books - UK paperback, second edition

“Lord produces some splendid characters to slither across his story...The cyberspeak is wonderful...In many ways a black book, it damns late 20th-century mores to face the wrath of the gods” – Richard Stott, The Times

“Laugh? I burst the buttons off my bodystocking. Graham Lord's rollicking swipe at the lunatic preoccupations of the late twentieth century is a work of wild and dazzling satire...the novel is a riot” – Val Hennessy, Literary Review

“A vicious satire of media life...the most cynical, scabrous and entirely accurate account of life among shiny sheets that I have ever encountered” – David Thomas, Mail on Sunday

“Lord’s engaging wit results in a terrific media farce” – Daily Mail

A satirical millennial novel about the absurd fashionable fads and obsessions of the late 20th Century that ends at a New Year's Eve party to end all parties – a fancy dress “celebrity” banquet on 31st December 1999 on board a luxury cruise liner parked on the International Date Line in the South Pacific so as to be the first to welcome the new millennium. The characters who eventually find themselves on board the liner that night include the selfish, shallow, demanding woman editor of a mindless celebrity magazine; an obese computer genius who works from one room in Los Angeles as a cyberspace private detective; a Vietnamese university professor haunted by memories of her Viet Cong past; an embittered white South African farmer who is dying of cancer; a German hippie; a simple Tongan girl; a sinister Corsican murderer. And as the year 2000 dawns the world is threatened by a rogue comet that is hurtling towards the earth and may destroy all civilisation. “In a sizzling piece of story-telling Graham Lord focuses an ironic light on the manners and mores of the Twentieth Century with dry wit and sharp observation,” wrote the publisher.