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Charlotte Wess
Sorry - We're Going to Have to Let You Go


1999 - Little, Brown & Co - UK hardback
1999 - Warner Books - UK paperback
2002 - Gerd Haffmans Bei Zweitausendeins - German hardback
           "Leider sehen wir uns gezwungen, Ihnen mitzuteilen...",
           translated by Miriam Carbe
2003 - Wilhelm Heyne Verlag - German paperback
2005 - German stage adaptation by Andreas Neu, "Es tut uns leid - Sie sind gefeuert!"
           opened at the State Playhouse, Dresden, 21 November

“This marvellous satirical tale of our materialistic times works for everyone. In Jason Skudder…Lord has produced a magnificent villain…and Peter’s mother-in-law, Monica, always ready with a cheering dirty limerick, is a glorious creation” – Sunday Times

“A brilliantly cynical look at modern corporate Britain. I enjoyed it thoroughly” – Manchester Evening News

“This satire on office life [is] very funny” – Mail on Sunday

“Hilarious and exceptional black comedy” –

A tragi-comic novel about brutal, heartless management in modern business and the fear, insecurity and misery that it causes. Peter Hallam, aged 45 and excellent at his job, is forced out of it by a new, ruthless, ageist, young boss and loses everything – his home, savings, wife, children, self-respect – and then, inspired by his wacky, politically incorrect mother-in-law, Monica, who talks to her pet cactus, decides to take his revenge. “Graham Lord’s deliciously funny black comedy is a devastating indictment of the ghastly manners, mores and intolerance of our times,” said his publishers, and the critics agreed.