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Joan Collins
The Biography of an Icon


2007 – Orion – UK hardback
2008 – Orion – UK paperback

“Joan Collins’ life story . . . brilliantly reshaped and clarified” – Michael Feeney Callan, Irish Independent

“The hurly-burly of Joan’s life is hilarious. Graham Lord . . . can barely keep a straight face . . . sleazy showbiz biography at its best” – Roger Lewis, Sunday Express

“Neat, detailed, deadpan, comprehensive frolic through the icon’s life” – Jan Moir, Sunday Telegraph

“Dozens of amusing B-movie plot summaries and lashings of Hollywood gossip” – Judith Evans, FT

“Top celebrity biography with outstanding biographer Graham Lord . . . a rollercoaster ride through an amazing life” – The Bookseller

“Lord’s sympathic and revealing biography is admirably well balanced” – Good Book Guide

“An entertaining, revealing and licentiously lurid account of a life lived almost entirely on the horizontal . . . with all the salacious detail” – Lancashire Evening Post

“Juicy stuff” – Rachel Cooke, Evening Standard

“Scandalous” – Private Eye

Joan Collins is the last of the great glamourpuss stars of Hollywood, a gorgeous woman whose beauty, wit, allure and lively naughtiness have enchanted men all over the world and whose independence, strength of character and indomitable optimism have won the admiration of millions of women.

Although she is still best known for her part in the TV series Dynasty, she has appeared in more than seventy films, several other TV series, numerous TV and stage plays, and has written thirteen books.

Many film and television stars are better actresses than Joan and some are just as good looking, but none has survived in the showbiz jungle for more than fifty years, as she has. In 2007, at the age of seventy-four, she was still onstage every night on a gruelling eight-month tour of the United States and writing another book.

Her love life has been awesome. She has admitted that when she first went to Hollywood in the 1950s she had ‘zillions and zillions’ of boyfriends – so many that they nicknamed her The British Open – and since then she has had flings with Harry Belafonte, Rafael Trujillo, Warren Beatty, Terence Stamp, Ryan O’Neal and the legendary ‘Bungalow’ Bill Wiggins, who is said to have not much up top but a hell of a lot down below.

She has always had an uncanny knack for choosing the wrong men, and four of her five marriages were disastrous. She claimed that her first husband, Max Reed, raped and hit her. Her second, Anthony Newley, had a passion for underage girls. Her third, Ron Kass, became a hopeless drug addict. She accused her fourth, Peter Holm, of bullying her and stealing more than a million pounds. Her fifth, she says, Percy Jorge Gibson Miguel Monaghan Mueller Parra del Riego, is the best, maybe because he is thirty-three years younger.

In this intimate, revealing and affectionate biography Graham Lord describes each affair and marriage in detail as well as Joan’s films, TV appearances, books and compulsively restless travels. He examines her difficult relationships with her father, husbands, lovers, children and bestselling novelist sister Jackie, investigates how she has amassed her multi-million-pound fortune, and tells dozens of funny, moving and sometimes outrageous stories.

Above all he applauds her courage, determination and unquenchable joie de vivre, and concludes that she has become the personification of femininity, She Who Must Be Obeyed, the eternal woman.