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Rod Lord
Lord of the Files

2013 – Fern Hill Books - paperback
2013 – Amazon Kindle – ebook


As well as publishing seven biographies, two autobiographies and nine novels, Graham Lord has written a dozen short stories, scores of essays, hundreds of book reviews, and thousands of newspaper and magazine columns and articles.

Here from his files are eighty of the best of them, ranging from a vividly touching description of his childhood bungalow home in Mozambique in the 1940s, his report of a British by-election at Newbury in 1993, and his admiration for the astonishingly multi-talented Cecil Lewis, whom he calls ‘the last great Englishman,’ to his musings about rude book reviews, writing a diary, sleazy women novelists, the British Book Awards and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

He writes irresistibly of his worldwide travels: stalking impala at night in the Kruger Game Reserve, nearly drowning white-water rafting in the French Alps, cruising from Bermuda to Boston, catching the fabulously luxurious Eastern and Oriental Express at midnight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, staying at ‘the best hotel in the world,’ and revelling in exotic trips to Java, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.

And he describes with deep affection the tiny, idyllic West Indian island where he and his wife, Juliet, a highly talented painter, now spend their winters in a lovely house that they designed themselves, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the nearby sister island of St Kitts.

This is a witty, eloquent book to be savoured for its stylish writing, vivid descriptions, deep feelings, sharp observations and mischievous joie-de-vivre.